Reflecting on its ten years since inception, the IMSN will hold its annual conference on Friday 10th November at Farmleigh.  This year’s conference entitled ‘10 Years of IMSN, Person Centred Care – a collaborative approach’ will focus broadly on both the patient and the second victim impact involved in medication-related incidents and near misses. 

The conference always provides an opportunity to enhance knowledge, share learning and indeed network with key medication safety stakeholders in Ireland.  Participating speakers this year include:

Mr Seán Egan, Acting Head of Healthcare Regulation, Health Information & Quality Authority

Professor Michael Barry, Clinical Lead Medicines Management Programme

Mr Lorcan Birthistle, Chief Executive Officer, St. James’s Hospital

A full agenda for the conference can be accessed via the following link.

Invitations to register will be managed using eventbrite and through attending members of the network.  If you think you should be invited, please get in touch with the appropriate IMSN attending member for your hospital.