Registration is now open for IMSN Virtual Conference 2022:

The IMSN Virtual Conference 2022, ‘Navigating Medication Safety’, will take place on Friday 25th November 2022, 10am-2pm

Final programme of events is available to view here

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Presentations available from our virtual IMSN Conference 2021 are below :

Presentations from our 2019 Conference.

IMSN Introduction

Collaborative approach to reducing hospital acquired venous thromboembolism from a Patient, Clinician & Group Hospital Manager perspective

HIQA Phase II Medication Safety Monitoring in Hospitals

Collaborative working at pace & scale- an example of iPACT, the International Pharmacists Anticoagulation Care Taskforce

Medication Safety and Open Disclosure- An Evolving Landscape

The Know Check Ask campaign- mobilising people power for medication safety