Lithium is indicated for the prophylaxis and treatment of mania, in the prophylaxis of bipolar disorder and as an augmentation strategy for patients with treatment-resistant depression.

IMSN Best Practice for Prescribing and Monitoring of Lithium Therapy – May 2012

Lithium Therapy patient information booklet: a national patient safety and quality improvement initiative (Sep 22)

  • Saint John of God Hospital Pharmacy and the HSE National Medication Safety Programme collaborated to launch a national patient information booklet on lithium therapy. It is intended to promote and support safer lithium therapy, and empower patients to engage with their Healthcare Professional to discuss all aspects of lithium therapy, monitoring, and side-effects.
  • This booklet has been produced by Audrey Purcell, Chief 2 Pharmacist, Saint John of God Hospital, and supported by Professor Dolores Keating, Chief 1 Pharmacist, and the Hospital Drug and Therapeutics Committee. It has been reviewed and endorsed by Ciara Kirke, HSE Clinical Lead, National Medication Safety Programme, and the national print supported by the HSE’s National Quality and Patient Safety Directorate.
  • It has been edited and reviewed by the National Adult Literacy Agency and has successfully been awarded the plain English mark by NALA.
  • It has been reviewed by the Irish Medication Safety Network, Irish Pharmacy Union, the College of Psychiatrists, and the Irish College of GPs.
  • The booklet contains an information section with important safety and clinical information on Lithium therapy, and a record book to record essential information on lithium levels and blood test results.
  • Lithium booklets will be distributed from the HSE directly to Hospital Pharmacies, and to Community Pharmacies via the IPU Review. GPs may sign-post patients to Community Pharmacists to avail of a booklet.
  • Lithium booklets may be re-ordered from Saint John of God Hospital Pharmacy: