Who are the IMSN?

The IMSN is a voluntary, independent group of hospital pharmacy based specialists with an interest in medication safety.

Our principal aim is to improve patient safety with regard to the use of medicines.

We promote the exchange of information on medication safety and facilitate national and global initiatives to help minimize risks to patients.

For more details see our Terms of Reference

The IMSN was established in late 2007, and has over 50 members with representation from most major hospitals in the country in both the private and public sector. Meetings are held approximately bimonthly. To facilitate efficient conduct of our business at meetings, a membership policy has been agreed whereby representatives of all sectors and regions attend meetings. Click here for a list of Attending members of the IMSN.

In addition, all hospitals are encouraged to nominate a member for circulation to whom minutes of meetings, guidelines, discussion documents, etc. will be circulated directly by the correspondence secretary. All comments and feedback should be addressed to your representative who will ensure that it is communicated appropriately.

To download a membership application form click here. Forms should be scanned and e-mailed to enquiries@imsn.ie for consideration.


To date, our work has included:

  • Liaison with relevant State bodies, IMB, HSE, HIQA and the Department of Health, with manufacturers, and with the International Medication Safety Network. Network members are participating in two of the projects arising from the Madden Report “Building a Culture of Patient safety”: the Medication Safety project and the Adverse Event project.
  • Publication of medication safety briefings and alerts in the Irish Pharmacy Journal and Clinical Indemnity Scheme Newsletter (e.g. Methotrexate, Vincristine, strong opioid patches, Oxycodone oral solution).
  • Development of guidelines on management of identified High Alert drugs, e.g. Potassium concentrate, Insulin, sound-alike look-alike drugs (SALADs), safe use of epidural agents.