The Irish Medication Safety Network (IMSN)

The IMSN was established in 2007, with the principal aim of improving patient safety with regard to the use of medicines. We have over 50 members with representation from most major hospitals in the country in both the private and public sector.

The purpose of this website is to facilitate the sharing and exchange of best-practice guidelines and information relating to safe medication use.

Building Blocks Document

Whilst resources to support frontline staff in the stepwise implementation of medication safety programmes are available in other jurisdictions, few publications have addressed this issue in an Irish healthcare context. It was with the intention of addressing this gap that the IMSN compiled

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Patient Empowerment Document

A number of tools are available to encourage and empower both patients and their caregivers and health care professionals (for example nurses, physicians, pharmacists) to take an active role in ensuring safer medication practices and medication use processes including

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